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Instructors area only

This area of the site will be open to ICS Instructors only.

However to get you more interested to the topics, our way of teaching and becomming a member this area will be available for the public for 1 week.


List of Instructors / Schools associated with Internal Combat Systems:

  • Slavo Gozdzik    /  Black Belt Splashing Hands  /   Black Belt Taiji         Location: Uddevalla, Sweden
  • Jonas Ridell      /   Black Belt Splashing Hands  /   Black Belt Hsing I    Location: Uddevalla, Sweden
  • Michal Klos      /   Iron Hand Instructor                                                     Location: Katowice / Poland
  • Ryszard Pinczewski / Iron Hand Instructor                                                Location: Puck / Poland
  • Mikael Jansson  /  Iron Hand Instructor                                                    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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