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Manipulating specific areas or different systems of the human body can give you maximum control over a violent aggressor.
This kind of manipulation works on all different kinds of individuals -- including Emotionally Disturbed People (EDP) and those under the influence of drugs.
The reason it is effective is it relies partly on mechanical manipulation of the body's own structure rather than just applying excessive – but random –force.
Against specific, easy to locate and hit areas of human body, different kinds of manipulation with your open hands force physical reaction by the aggressor's body -- including:

  • hyper-extension of muscles/tendons
  • enormous shock
  • disorientation
  • and/or knock outs

with a minimum of visible physical damage. At the same time, risk for your own injury is minimized.

This kind of manipulation is nothing mystical or magical. Nor does it require 20 years of training for you to be effective.
They are easily learned and, just as easily, applied during violent street confrontations

Presented information is concentrated on basic and effective manipulation of:

  • Skeleton and muscles
  • Central and Peripheral Nervous System
  • Circulatory and Respiratory/Breathing systems

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