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Welcome to Internal Combat Systems

Internal Combat Systems were founded for only one reason

Pure and simple. Better health is just a great side effect.

ICS presents to students intensive training in 2 of the most powerful and brutally effective Chinese combat systems ever invented.

Our program will prepare you to handle the realities of violent and brutal street combat.
Situations where you fight while scared to death, close to pissing down your leg, where you must fight like an animal to save your life.
This is combat:
Where you are using everything you have and doing everything you can to take your opponent down as fast and as with as much force as possible.
Without getting involved in unnecessary movement or wasted time.
This is not a sport ! This is realistic and brutal effective way of fighting!

It has to be mentioned that ICS is not against any traditional way of teaching. However it is our point of view that both combat/fighting and meditation/energy development skills may be gained in very short time of training.

All the information presented at this home page is for academic purposes only. Neither ICS nor authors/instructors are responsible for any kind of physical/psychological injury which may happen during the training without qualified instructor. ICS/Authors/instructors are not responsible for any kind of usage of presented information.

Maximum results in shortest possible time | info@internalcombat.com

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